Choosing a Content Management System: on

TechSoup has a new, excellent article out on choosing a content management system. This is article is the third of a very thorough overview of content management systems for nonprofits.

"Choosing a CMS" goes briefly over the requirement gathering process, outlines a series of otions for organizations ranging from enterprise solutions to those for small organizations; and gives an example of a decision matrix on how to choose the right system. It is a very nice overview that can get you started.

I personally also like these two sites:

  • where you can run a feature comparison of both proprietary and open source content management systems. The site also has a step-by-step process for choosing a system, a glossary, and a very comprehensive product list.

  • is a very slick community site where you can compare, rate, and discuss content management systems with each other according to a very sophisticated functionality matrix.

Also noteworthy is, a site run by our hosting company, where you can trial-run a plethora of open source platforms and systems installed on their servers -- so you do not have to go through an install until you have narrowed down your options.

And while you are at it, see also, the umbrella association of users and developers of open source content management systems that run events and promotes CMS standards. OSCOM is led by our great motor-cycling colleague in Finland, Henri Bergius.