My Nonprofit Operations Preparations for 2007

2007 is fast approaching. Here are six specific nonprofit operations steps I take to prepare for each new year.

1. Create 2007 fiscal/vendor folders and put my 2005 fiscal/vendor folders in a file storage box to store. (I do not store my 2006 fiscal/vendor folders because I usually have to access those files periodically throughout the year.)

2. Put all my e-mail folders into a 2006 file and create new 2007 e-mail folders.

3. Verify that I have all my vendor/independent contractor's tax-id's or Social Security numbers so I can send them their 1099 forms in early 2007.

4. Set a deadline for staff to submit year end receipts and expenses. (This is because my fiscal year also ends in December). 

5. Update all dated organizational materials. Make a 2007 board roster and prepare fundraising grant attachments with 2007 information.   

6. Make sure that we pencil in dates on the organizational calendar that correspond with specific goals in the 2007 budget.