Have you heard of the NP2020 Conference?

I recently learned that the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy will be hosting a conference called NP2020: Issues and Answers from the Next Generation

Basically this conference will be a discussion about how to address the leadership deficit that everyone keeps talking about.

Although I am excited to attend and participate in this conference, there are several things that surprised me about this conference.  First, I am a little surprised that there is an age requirement to attend the conference (21-40), I think people of all ages should be involved in this discussion, especially the boomer generation.  There should be a way to convene multiple generations and still let each generation be heard. Second, I am confused about the title of the conference expecially the "Next Generation" part.  Maybe I am reading too much into this, however many GenXers are already successful leaders in the sector and it is just odd that they (we) are considered the Next Generation.  Maybe the title is focused more on emerging leaders in the sector rather than established leaders.

The open discussion format of the conference is very appealing to my generation and it will be exciting to hear other GenXers and Millennials speak their minds compared to conferences where there are only a select group of speakers and panelists.