Happy Administrative Professionals Week!

Hooray to all those hard working Admin/Operations/HR/IT/Finance staff within nonprofits. This is your week to celebrate and appreciate your role in the organization!

Why isn't there a holiday for program staff or executives--you say?

Because we as admin/operations/hr/finance staff do the grunt work that no one else likes to do!

Specifically, we:

  • Pay the bills--so the organization can remain in existence
  • Process the payroll--so staff get paid!
  • Make the coffee (oh I hate doing this) :)
  • Order the office supplies--so we don't run out of anything.
  • Find new office space/make office space look nice--so the organization can entertain funders.
  • Make sure that the organization doesn't get sued. (ok, I do love working with attorneys)
  • Get under the desk and pull apart the computer if something goes wrong.
  • Fix many, many, many copy machine jams. 
  • Orient new staff/keep current staff up to date with laws, procedures etc--which is quite challenging because after staff get settled in their positions they don't really like it when things like a personnel manual or office procedures are changed.
  • File/create spreadsheets/schedule meetings
  • And, anything else that is asked of us.

Phrase admin staff most commonly hear, "Can you do this, Can you look this up, Can you fax this, Can you...I respond, yes I can do anything. (Even if it is to find a Starbucks on the South Pole. :)

However, in many cases admin staff are the first to get laid off, first to be ignored--because the work is supposedly less important, first to be ill treated. (An extreme example--see how Michael treats Toby (the HR guy) on the show "The Office") and our jobs are thought to be easily replaceable.

I teach a seminar titled-- "Nonprofit Operations: Strategies and Steps for Successful Mission Achievement"

<p>During my seminar, people/managers are enlightened when they realize, oh “I can actually save my organization money, receive more funding and successfully achieve my mission if I do things to improve my operations!&quot;</p> <p>That is why I only work for organizations that already appreciate and realize how the Admin/Operations/HR/IT/Finance role ads value to the organization. In addition, although I help with fundraising and do grant writing for my clients, I don&#39;t work for organizations where I have to provide a business case for my existence or fundraise to cover my salary.  </p> <p>If you are an ED or manager, please take this week to appreciate your Admin/Operations/HR/IT/Finance staff!  Thanks.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>