Career Counseling For Nonprofit Graduate Students

In August 2005, I utilized Dr. Roseanne Mirabella's Nonprofit Management Education Program website which includes a list of U.S. based Colleges and Universities that offer at least 1 nonprofit graduate course. I then e-mailed each contact on the list to find out who provides the career counseling to the nonprofit graduate students.

This research has been sitting on my hard drive for several years. However, recently American Humanics launched an Initiative for Nonprofit Sector Careers with one component focusing on training career counselors about preparing students for careers in the nonprofit sector.  So, I thought this research that I conducted in 2005 may be interesting or useful to some folks.

Here's the e-mail I sent:

Question:  My name is Heather Carpenter; I am working on a project for a nonprofit recruiter.  We are researching Colleges and Universities with Nonprofit focused graduate programs and the nonprofit specific career counseling services available to those students.  Is there a specific person in your department who provides nonprofit career counseling to the students, or is this done solely through Career Services? 

Here are my results (no duplication of responses):

Out of the 164 Universities I e-mailed,

  • 81 people did not respond;
  • 17 e-mails were returned;
  • 1 program was not nonprofit focused;
  • 24 responded and stated the Program Director or specific Nonprofit faculty does the career counseling;
  • 24 responded and stated that career counseling is done by both Nonprofit faculty and the University career center;
  • 14 responded and stated that career counseling is done solely through career services;
  • 2 responded and said career counseling is done through a specific informal or formal job network;
  • 1 responded and said that career counseling is done by bringing nonprofit professionals into the classroom.

I then created a contact list of 76 people who specifically provide career counseling to nonprofit graduate students, these people are either--Program Directors, Nonprofit faculty members, or Career Counselors at each College and University.

I am hoping to further research career counseling opportunities for nonprofit graduate students, so if any professor or researcher would like to collaborate with me in this research, like write a paper with me or present with at a research based conference please contact me.  

Disclaimer: Since my Masters degree was practitioner based, I didn't learn research methods, so I'm not sure if my research meets academic research standards. However, I would be happy to receive any guidance and direction about how to make this research or my future research valid.