Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants #16/17-General Nonprofit Management Advice

So I'm hosting the Blog Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants again this week and I received a lot of great posts this week about general nonprofit management advice. Here are the top seven.

1. In lieu of Hawaii's big earth quake over the weekend, I thought it fitting to start with Ken Goldstein from the Nonprofit Consultant's Blog very relevant post about Fundraising for a Disaster.

Also Nonprofit Branding seems to be a hot topic this week; here are a couple of posts that reflect this marketing tool that nonprofits can use.

2.  Nedra Weinreich of the Spare Change Social Marketing blog has a helpful post about Branding for Social Marketers, this is the first post in a two part series.

3.  Jeff Brooks of the Donor Power blog also discusses the Secret of Nonprofit Branding.

Also, relating to the mission of my organization-Aspiration, here are a couple of NP Tech posts. 

4.  Britt Bravo reports on Vlogging and Digital Storytelling for Nonprofits.

5.  And, Michelle Murrain describes about the basics of using Web 2.0, in her post Web 2.0 Part I which is the start of her Web 2.0 series.

6. The Nonprofit Congress had its National Meeting last week, and Gene Takagi from the Nonprofit Law Blog reports, Nonprofit Congress Publishes List of Key Priorities.

7. A topic relevant to all nonprofits, my post this week is about Budgeting for Nonprofits.  

(Unfortunately I have the flu today, so I apologize for not linking everything...I will try to get all the rest of links up tomorrow.)