Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants

This week I'm hosting the blog Carnval of Nonprofit Consultants. Thanks for all who posted great advice that us nonprofits can really use! 

1. Jeff Brooks of the Donor Power Blog in his post explains how nonprofits need to ask donors what their (donor) interests are.

2. In her "Made to Stick Week: Finding Your Core aka Sweet Spot" blog post, Katya Andresen discusses how nonprofits need to find the balance between what they are good at and what the audience wants.

3. Nancy Schwartz of the Getting attention blog describes "How to Retain Baby Boomer Volunteers" within your nonprofit.

4. An issue near and dear to my heart (we're working on both our brochure and annual report right now), Kivi of the Nonprofit Communications blog shares in her post where to find freelance writers to help with your nonprofit's brochure or annual report.

5. Gene from the Nonprofit Law blog shares in his post how the IRS recently released its Executive Compensation report.

6. Last, if you are trying to start a nonprofit and are looking for a fiscal sponsor, here's my post about how Jonathan Peizer and I started compiling a list of fiscal sponsor organizations.

Next week the blog carnival is hosted by Nancy Schwarz of the Getting Attention blog.

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