Jul 23, 2007

My last post: Blog Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants

As a bittersweet moment, this is my last post on this blog, for I'm leaving Aspiration to start my PhD in Nonprofit Leadership at the University of San Diego. I'll be hosting future Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants on my new Nonprofit Leadership 601 blog.

Thanks to all those who provided blog submissions this week!

1. Alia from Sea Change Strategies writes a great post about authentic communications for your nonprofit. The post is titled, "Do these jeans make me look fat?"

2. Jeff Brooks of the Donor Power blog tells nonprofits, "How to get people talking about you the right way."

3. Michelle Murrain shares about how everyone in the nonprofit community seems to be benefiting from Open Source Software in her, "Where the gift economy rubber meets the road," post.

4. Katya writes in her nonprofit marketing blog about the, "Top Five Website Mistakes."

5. Paul Jones of the Cause-Related Marketing blog, writes a post about how the Check Gallery has made Cause Related Marketing into a strategy rather than just a tactic.

6. Trista Harris of the New Voices of Philanthropy blog writes about the benefits of having a coaching in her post titled, "Executive Coaching isn't just for Executives."

7. And, going along the same lines with what Katya wrote, I attended a workshop last week where grant writer Susan Fox shared with us, "10 Flaws That Doom Most Proposals to Failure."

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