My Community Toolboxes--Nonprofit Operations Software Grouped Together

Aspiration's Social Source Commons tool maps out what software nonprofits are using and also gives users the ability to see what software their (our) friends and colleagues are using. A while ago I created a toolbox listing what software I use on a daily basis.

However, Social Source Commons just added a new feature called Community Toolboxes which allows users to group together similar tools. Because of this new feature I decided to create some community toolboxes:

1. 5 Tools Nonprofit Operations Managers Can't Live Without

2. Good Financial Management Tools for Nonprofits

3. Good HR Management Tools for Nonprofits

4. Tools I use to Manage Events

I had trouble populating the "Good HR Management Tools for Nonprofits" so Zac Mutrux of Sarai who also works here at the Tech Center helped me with this list. I'm always interested in finding out what software other nonprofits are using to managing their operations, so if there is a good software tool you use to manage your HR systems, finances, or events, please let me know.