Benefiting from CompassPoint

I recently learned that CompassPoint hired a new Executive Director--Jeanne Bell. I don't know Jeanne personally, but know of her because she wrote a book that I use all the time called, "Financial Leadership for Nonprofit Executives." I wish Jeanne the best of luck in her new position!

If you're not familiar with CompassPoint--here's a description taken from the "About Us" section of their website--"CompassPoint Nonprofit Services is a consulting, research, and training organization providing nonprofits with management tools, strategies, and resources to lead change in their communities."

When I moved to the Bay Area in 2003 and took on my role as Operations Manager for a nonprofit called LIFETIME, in Oakland, I quickly learned about CompassPoint and all of their wonderful programs and resources for the nonprofit community. Here are three ways in which I have benefited from CompassPoint!

1. I've benefited from CompassPoint's workshops:

Working in an organization with 14 staff, I also served as the accidental techie in the office. I eagerly attended CompassPoint's Accidental Techies workshop and conference, as well as read the Accidental Techies book by Sue Bennett.

I also knew nothing about HTML, but desperately needed to make changes to our website, so I signed up for CompassPoint's three-day Accidental Webbies workshop taught by Kristen Long. Wow, I learned a lot and was able to make the changes I needed to our website using Dreamweaver. I did receive a little extra help from Kristin to get some additional images on our site.

I then had the opportunity to be a guest of our Development Coordinator in the Fundraising Academy for Communities of Color program run by Steve Lew of CompassPoint and Stephanie Roth of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal. This amazing six-month program gave me the opportunity to learn key fundraising fundamentals that have stayed with me, as well as learn from leading fundraising experts in the sector--including: Kim Klein--Grassroots Fundraising/Individual donor expert, Madeline Stanionis--Raising money through e-mail expert, and Robert Wiener--fundraising database expert.

When I joined Aspiration as its Assistant Director, I was emersed into getting our books in order and needed a refresher course, so I signed up for CompassPoint's, Intermediate Bookkeeping in Quickbooks workshop taught by Karen Schiller. Many people don't realize how different Accounting for nonprofits is compared to accounting for businesses, but Karen's course is great and easy to understand!

2. I've benefited from attending CompassPoint's Nonprofit Day:

CompassPoint also organizes an annual conference called Nonprofit Day. I enjoy attending Nonprofit Day each year to learn, network with my peers and be refreshed!

3. I've benefited from reading CompassPoint's publications and newsletters:

I enjoy reading all of CompassPoints publications and newsletters especially BoardCafe, Planet 501c3 and as I mentioned above--Jeanne's book--"Financial Leadership for Nonprofit Executives". CompassPoint is always coming out with great research and publications about the nonprofit sector.

I look forward to continuing to benefit from CompassPoint in the future!

One more thing, I recently learned that CompassPoint will be starting a Nonprofit HR network including a listserv for folks who do HR within nonprofits--cool!