Find a Fiscal Sponsor Here!

Last night I facilitated, "Starting a Nonprofit" group at the Craigslist Foundation nonprofit night. As we were discussing fiscal sponsorship options for start-up organizations, I said, "there are very few organizations who provide fiscal sponsorship."

Please prove me wrong!

Supposedly the Alliance for Nonprofit Management has a list of fiscal sponsor organizations, however I haven't been able to get a hold of it. Also, the Tides Center has created the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors, but doesn't appear to be sharing who is in the network, other than the founding members. Furthermore, I encouraged the Foundation Center to expand its list of fiscal sponsors from just the arts to all areas within the nonprofit sector. (They provided me a paper list of fiscal sponsor organizations for the Arts when I attended their fiscal sponsorship workshop.) Consequently, the Study Center in San Francisco is creating a list of fiscal sponsor organizations, but it isn't available yet.

Why isn't this information or list of fiscal sponsor organizations ready and available for the public to see? There are amazing ideas and organizations out there that just need a little fiscal sponsorship or incubation to get them going!

I'm not waiting any longer for these mysterious lists to appear, I worked with Jonanthan Peizer to create our own list of fiscal sponsor organizations for everyone to see!


I've been searching and whenever I find fiscal sponsor organization, I tag it in (npofiscalsponsor). The list is very basic and non-descriptive so Jonanthan Peizer entered this information into Capaciteria along with a list of of fiscal sponsors he had been gathering. He then separated the list by focus area--Arts, Social Justice, Youth, etc.

If there's some master list of fiscal sponsor organizations and I haven't found it--please let me know! If you are an organization that provides fiscal sponsorship to nonprofits and want to be on this list, please contact me and I'll add you, or if you are familiar with you can tag it yourself and/or add it to Capaciteria.

This is a collaborative model anyone can view the list, and anyone can add entries to the list. Also, feel free to add comments about how you would like the list of Fiscal Sponsor organizations to look like.

Hopefully start-ups can now get connected to a fiscal sponsor sooner rather than never!

When I'm not working for Aspiration, I provide consulting to start-up nonprofits, so this issue is very near and dear to my heart!