A couple Nonprofit Leadership links

Here are a couple of helpful leadership links I saw this week through the various listservs I subscribe to.

  • The Young and Restless in a Knowledge Economy
    A recent release from CEOs for Cities examines the importance of attracting college-educated workers between the ages of 25 and 35, whose unprecedented mobility enables them to relocate to cities which have the precise assets, ethos and opportunities that they seek. “In understanding these young, educated workers, cities have their best chance of succeeding in the most competitive economic environment in history.”  Download the full report at http://www.ceosforcities.org/ResearchandResources.htm.

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  • "The Nonprofit Sector's Leadership Deficit"
    Urgent--all leaders-in-waiting needed. According to The Nonprofit Sector's Leadership Deficit, a study by Bridgespan Group, the United States will need as many as 640,000 new nonprofit leaders by 2016. "Here's what the chairman and cofounder of the group, Tom Tierney, says the sector needs to do: (1) Invest in leadership capacity--even if it means directing a greater proportion of funding for "overhead." (2) Refine management rewards to retain and attract top talent--by offering more competitive management packages (particularly as managers are held to higher performance standards). (3) Expand recruiting horizons and foster individual career mobility--reaching out to baby boomers who wish to continue working, midlife career changers seeking greater social impact, and the young. Ensuring career mobility for up and comers is essential if the sector is to retain its best performers."

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