Emerging Leaders and the Nonprofit Congress

I just started participating in a working group with the Nonprofit Congress. There are about 20 of us representing various/random nonprofits organizations across the US. Our goal is to create a "program" in the loose sense of the word, to support the work that is already being done to engage and develop emerging leaders in the nonprofit sector.

So far we have come up with the idea to create curriculum and best practices document for an intergenerational mentoring program, where emerging leaders will learn from experienced leaders and experienced leaders can learn from emerging leaders too.

We are talking to organizations who currently run mentoring programs and finding what works and what isn't working. We are trying to be as transparent as possible and we are planning for this to be an creative commons model/document so organizations that have existing programs can use the model and/or organizations that want to start new mentoring programs can use the curriculum to.

It is fun to be involved in this collaborative decision making process. In true nonprofit congress style, our working group has a nice span of ages and experiences in the nonprofit sector. We are in the process of creating a wiki to track our progress too.

We welcome any thoughts, suggestions, and participation along the way. If you are interested in learning more about this working group, and or want to participate in it please contact me or the nonprofit congress.