Advanced Degrees for Nonprofit Professionals

Being a young nonprofit professional, I am very appreciative of the people and opportunities that have helped me to excel in my nonprofit career. One of those opportunities is earning my Masters of Management in Nonprofit Administration degree from North Park University in Chicago. This degree program taught me the skills needed to excel in my nonprofit operations jobs as well as opened the door to additional opportunities.

It is exciting to see how many recent college graduates are choosing to work in the nonprofit sector and also earn nonprofit management advanced degrees. 

Dr. Mirabella of Seton Hall University has compiled a list of all the nonprofit management degree programs in the United States. I was fortunate to be able to attend one of her presentations at the Benchmark 3--the 2006 Conference on Nonprofit and Philanthropic Studies. It is amazing to see how many nonprofit management degree programs have popped up across the United States and the world over the past 10 years. At Benchmark 3, I even met a few Universities who offer Nonprofit Management Undergraduate degrees! 

Real world nonprofit experience is very important, and there are programs like American Humanics (I'm an alum), where Undergraduate students can earn a certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and gain real world nonprofit work experience through their required internship in a nonprofit.

Now young nonprofit professionals have the specific nonprofit work experience needed, along with their nonprofit specific degrees to be able to get the entry to mid-level jobs that they want.

Watch out experienced nonprofit leaders, the next generation of nonprofit leaders are here, ready, and able!