PhD Here I come!

I can't contain myself any longer! I am so excited, I must blog about my new adventure.

Many of you saw my blog post a few months ago about my personal struggle with taking the GRE. Well I have some great news! I persevered--retook the GRE, got 100 points higher, then applied to three Universities and actually got accepted to all three!! I decided to attend the University of San Diego in the fall and pursue a PhD in Leadership with a nonprofit management focus.

It is possible to achieve your dreams!

This road wasn't easy; 4 years ago I graduated with my Masters degree and started looking into PhD programs. Now I begin another 4 year journey to become a nonprofit management professor.

I am super excited!! I'll be working in the Center for Applied Nonprofit Research at the University and I am starting another blog focused on nonprofit leadership to share about all the great things I learn during my PhD as well as my experiences as a nonprofit operations consultant.

This also works really well for my family because my husband is a pilot based out of Ontario, CA which is only an hour and a half north of San Diego.

San Diego here I come!