Professional Development for Nonprofit Staff and Managers

I enjoy nonprofit conferences and workshops very much and look forward to professional development opportunities in the nonprofit sector. Some might say I am a conference junkie, so I try to limit myself to one conference or workshop per month.

In my organizational budget, I set aside professional development funds for staff members. In addition, if a conference is expensive, like $200 or more, I ask one of my vendors to sponsor me to attend the conference. For example, my insurance vendor sponsored me to attend the Risk Management and Finance Summit because it benefited him for me to learn more about how to prevent risk in my organization. Furthermore, sometimes I pay for the conferences on my own--like the nonprofit academic ones because that doesn't really relate to the mission of my organization. :) 

Here is a list of conferences and workshops that I frequently attend.

Nonprofit Conferences:

CompassPoint's Nonprofit Day This Bay Area local/ California statewide conference covers a variety of nonprofit topics.

California Association of Nonprofits (CAN) Annual Conference This statewide conference also covers a variety of nonprofit topics.

Money Matters: Nonprofit Finance Conference  This finance and accounting related nonprofit conference is held in various locations across the state of California.

The Craigslist Foundation's Nonprofit Bootcamp  This conference held in NY and SF is specifically focused for new and emerging leaders in the nonprofit sector. It provides really great info for starting a nonprofit.

Risk Management and Finance Summit for Nonprofits This national conference held in various locations provides helpful information on all topics related to risk management and finance.

Nonprofit Technology Conference I had been wanting to attend this conference for several years and finally was able to last March. This national conference held in various locations covers all topics related to nonprofit technology.

Tech Soup's Netsquared Conference This new national nonprofit conference most recenly held in the Bay Area covers emerging web 2.0 and nonprofit technology topics.

Accidental Techie's Conference This local Bay Area/California statewide conference hasn't happened in a while but it provides helpful resources and topics relating to nonprofit technology for accidental techies.

Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Fundraising Day This conference happens in various locations across the US, check your local AFP chapter for more information. All topics related to fundraising!

Axelson Center for Nonprofit Management's Annual Symposium My alma mater in Chicago holds this one day event featuring a variety of nonprofit topics.

Nonprofit Workshops:

Non-Profit Roundtable Workshops-Free These local Bay Area free workshops cover financial, legal, and fundraising topics.

CompassPoint's Nonprofit Workshops Also, local Bay Area workshops cover a variety of nonprofit topics.

Compumentor's Roundtable Discussions These nonprofit technology roundtable discussions are in the local Bay Area.

Nonprofit Academic Conferences:

Academy of Management Annual Conference This national and international academic and research focused management conference held at various locations across the US has a public and nonprofit component.

Benchmark 3: Conference on Nonprofit and Philanthropic Studies This conference only happens every 10 years, is a great place to learn about the status of nonprofit education in the US and the world.

Conferences I would like to attend but haven't been able to yet:

Alliance for Nonprofit Management's Annual Conference This national conference held at various locations accross the US focused on topics related to nonprofit capacity building.

Nonprofit Congress National Meeting I don't know much about this conference, however I believe issues regarding the state of the nonprofit sector will be discussed.

Independent Sector's Annual Conference This national conference brings together high level nonprofit leaders in the sector.

CAN Policy Days This event brings together people interested in the state of the nonprofit sector in California.

Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action Annual Conference This nonprofit education and research focused conference happens in various locations across the US. I'm going this year! 

Arizona State University's Annual Nonprofit Conference This looks interesting!

American Marketing Association's Nonprofit Conference This is a national conference focused on nonprofit marketing.

Social Justice Fundraising Conference Kim Klein and Stephanie Roth at the Grassroots Fundraising Journal put together this conference about Grassroots fundraising for Social Change through individual donors.

Blogher A women's blogging conference.

Disclaimer: I am not getting paid to promote these nonprofit conferences; I am simply stating which conferences I attend and which ones I will be hopefully attending in the future. 

There may be other conferences I am forgetting to mention or don't know about so please share about other nonprofit conferences and workshops that you attend.