Setting up a Retirement account for my nonprofit

I just set up a 403b retirement account for our employees. It was not easy. Even after 8 months or so of researching for the best option for my nonprofit, I still can't tell you much about retirement plans--that is why I am thankful I found Greg Guardiano, an Ameriprise Financial Advisor to help me.

First my payroll company wanted me to set up a 401k which would cost a lot out of my organization's pocket, then I just called a few of the major brokerage firms and they refused to help me because I didn't have enough employees to enroll in their plan options. Then I stumbled onto asking a financial advisor for help and he found the best option for my organization with minimal fees. Plus, he is making a whopping $8 a month off my organization, so I know he picked the best plan for what we needed and not a plan that would give him the most commission.

Thanks Greg!