Wireless for Everyone

After attending NTEN's event-"No Strings Attached: How Municipal Wireless will change the way you create social change." I was reminded of the time that I was working at my previous nonprofit and my IT consultant helped me install a router that gave us the ability to have wireless throughout the entire office. This was a huge deal for us to get wireless!

Imagine this on a much larger scale--wireless that everyone can access. The folks at San Francisco Tech Connect are trying to create city wide wireless here in SF. How does this relate to Nonprofit Operations? Imagine all the things that nonprofits will be able to do with city wide wireless.

Here are a couple of tools I learned about at the event that will help improve nonprofit operations:

1. Anyware-a palm based survey tool that allows nonprofits to give surveys through a palm and then have the results be uploaded back to the office instantaneously via wifi.

2. There are now cell phones that have video cameras in them. Imagine being able to video tape an event on your cell phone and then send the video to your donors instantaneously through wifi. Also, another group showed us the $99 pocket sized video camera. Sorry, I don't know who makes the $99 video camera.