Accommodations Information for Open Translation 2009

The following are hostel and hotel options for OTT09.

Many thanks to Patrice Riemens, Margreet Riphagen and Hinde ten Berge for their excellent support in making this list of hotels.

Most OTT09 participants will stay at:

Another hostel option:

"Normal" hotels:

From Patrice Riemans

Hotel De Filosoof, near Vondelpark, charming, everyroom decorated acc to one philosopher. (* * *)

The 'Hotelschool Hotel' in the former HBS on Roelof Hartplein. It's a training place, but don't be mistaken, accomodation, service - and prices - are * * * * (actually you get one * more than you pay for)(* * * *)

Amstel (Intercontinental) Hotel of course. Hotel de l'Europe is up to standards too. (* * * * *)

Nearby Doelen Hotel (actually * * * *) is no good.

"I have my mind blown by all the extremely passionate, smart, and generous people I met!"

Participant, Aspiration event
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