How we created our Brochure

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I am excited to announce that Aspiration just completed its first ever brochure!!

Ok, some of you may be wondering--why is it that we've been around for five years but didn't complete a brochure until now?

I don't want to give too many excuses other than we are unique and do the majority of our messaging electronically. However, we also wanted to be sure that we put the right messaging into our brochure.

Our tri-fold brochure is broken up into our three programs.

1. Our events--"We connect Nonprofit Technology Communities."

2. Social Source Commons--"We connect nonprofit users with tools."

3. Our consulting and eAdvocacy work--"We connect nonprofits with Strategic Knowledge and Capacity Building Resources."

Here's our process:

  1. We had an initial brochure meeting to roughly plan out each panel.
  2. We put all the content we wanted on each panel and then identified 10 or so pictures we wanted to use in the brochure. We also gathered quotes.
  3. We sent the content, pictures, and quotes to our graphic designer.
  4. We had way to much content on each panel so we had to cut, cut, and cut.
  5. Our graphic designer sent us a fabulous design, we then went back and forth a couple of times for some additional edits and then we were done!

I have to admit, I would have liked the brochure process to go a little smoother, only because there were still content updates and changes going on after we received the initial design. However, I can't be too picky--it is great to have this project completed and get our messaging into printed form!