E-Newsletters for Nonprofits

Event Date(s): 
September 5, 2012

This live, collaborative and hands-on training will provide nonprofits a better understanding of how to start an email newsletter or incorporate best practices into a current email newsletter.

Registration is limited, so please register early. See you there!

Calendaring Messaging for your Nonprofit

Event Date(s): 
August 15, 2012

Is all of your online campaign and organizational messaging scheduled and tracked on a unified calendar that is visible to all stakeholders?

This live training will explain the process of creating and maintaining a messaging calendar, as well as the potential value to your organization.

Coordinating your Online Channels with a Publishing Matrix

Event Date(s): 
August 8, 2012

Ramp up your online communications with our no-cost, live workshop about how to coordinate your online communications at your nonprofit.

Many nonprofits find it confusing to manage and effectively coordinate organizational messages and campaigns across the several social media outlets, blogs, and communications channels that exist. This live training gives nonprofits a framework in which to look at different communications channels and develop an online communications strategy for their organization.

Shaping Shareable's Future

Event Date(s): 
July 27, 2012

We got a great chance to work with our friends at Shareable to Help Shape Shareable’s Future, while also prototyping more of our user engagement methodologies.

About 20 Shareable community members showed up at Happiness Institute to weigh in on what matters to them as Shareable evolves to better support the Sharing Movement.

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