Sessions - 2012 Nonprofit Software Development Summit

Here is what's on the slate for the 2012 Dev Summit, with more sessions being added every week.

The Dev Summit is not just for techies! The agenda is designed to be relevant and inclusive for all nonprofit technology stakeholders, from new users to seasoned practitioners.

We welcome additional session proposals! Just email us!

Join Us for the First-Ever California Nonprofit Tech Festival!

Event Date(s): 
September 27, 2012 to September 28, 2012

Aspiration is delighted to announce the first-ever California Nonprofit Tech Festival.

Made possible through generous support from the California Consumer Protection Foundation, the event is being co-organized with The Center for Multicultural Cooperation (CMC) and The Bay Area Leadership Network of Color (BALNC).

California Nonprofit Tech Festival - Sessions

The #CATechFest program will be co-developed with participants, facilitators and partners in the time leading up and during the Festival.

The agenda will be designed and facilitated using Aspiration's unique participatory model, in an environment where powerpoint slides are discouraged and dialog and collaboration drive the learning.

Sessions likely to be on the agenda include...

#CATechFest Spread the Word

Share the California Nonprofit Technology Festival with your people! It's happening 9.27/9.28 in Fresno 9am-5pm ;) See you there!

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Aspiration Paper -- Creating Participatory Events

Aspiration has organized and facilitated over 170 interactive and collaborative events in more than 30 countries across the globe.

Our event practice is focused on knowledge sharing in support of nonprofits and activists applying technology for social change, and draws on our unique, road-tested Aspiration facilitation methodology.

Calendaring Messaging for your Nonprofit Webinar

Event Date(s): 
August 28, 2012

Join us remotely for this online training designed for non-profit organizations who are concerned with their online campaigning strategy and communications.

Is all of your online campaign and organizational messaging scheduled and tracked on a unified calendar that is visible to all stakeholders?

This online seminar will explain the process of creating and maintaining a messaging calendar, as well as the potential value to your organization. In addition, the design of a “narrative arc” will be described and correlated to calendaring strategies.


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