Aspiration eAdvocacy and Social Media Mentoring Program

Since 2005, Aspiration has been developing a program focused on building capacity for “eAdvocacy” and social media in grassroots nonprofit organizations. eAdvocacy, short for “electronic advocacy”, is the utilization of internet tools and organizational processes for connecting with online audiences, developing relationships and mobilizing for action both online and offline. The main targets of Aspiration’s capacity-building efforts are social justice organizations serving socially, economically and politically marginalized communities.


E-Newsletters for Nonprofits

Event Date(s): 
May 24, 2012

This live, collaborative and hands-on training will provide nonprofits a better understanding of how to start an email newsletter or incorporate best practices into a current email newsletter.

The hour long discussion will be lead by participants’ needs. Topics may include: setting up an email newsletter service for a nonprofit, email newsletter best practices, creating an email message calendar, and tracking email analytics.

Registration is limited, so please register early. See you there!

Intro to Analytics for Nonprofits

Event Date(s): 
May 10, 2012

This live lunch time seminar will introduce participants to different analytics or metrics around the tools they use for online communications.

Many organizations are using online communications tools but do not keep track of the easily accessible metrics that let them know whether or not they are making progress on their goals. Analytics can be a scary topic for anyone having to answer the questions “is this working?”

Coordinating your Online Channels with a Publishing Matrix

Event Date(s): 
May 31, 2012

Ramp up your online communications with our no-cost, live workshop about how to coordinate your online communications at your nonprofit.

Many nonprofits find it confusing to manage and effectively coordinate organizational messages and campaigns across the several social media outlets, blogs, and communications channels that exist. This workshop gives nonprofits a framework in which to look at different communications channels and develop an online communications strategy for their organization.

Internet Society Collaborative Leadership Exchange

Event Date(s): 
April 22, 2012

We headed straight from the Soapbox User Summit to Geneva, Switzerland to facilitate the Internet Society’s first-ever Collaborative Leadership Exchange, an interactive community discussion which took place at the start of Global INET 2012.

2012 Soapbox User Summit

Event Date(s): 
April 19, 2012
19 April, 2012

Aspiration’s ongoing collaboration with PICnet continued unabated at the 2012 Soapbox User Summit in Washington DC, where we’ll helped steer the festivities and let users drive the dialog.



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