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Aspiration is pleased to provide webinars as on-demand online support around technology capacity-building. Below you'll find webinars around Online Identity, Tech Strategy, Communications, and Tracking Impact. We encourage feedback and are constantly adding new webinars to our upcoming offerings.

Taking Control of Your Online Destiny


As part of participating and speaking at ConnectingUp 2012, Aspiration was invited to deliver a full-day worshop entitled “Taking Control of Your Online Destiny.

ConnectingUp 2012

Event Date(s): 
May 1, 2012 to May 3, 2012
1 May, 2012 - 3 May, 2012

Because one can never amass enough frequent flyer miles, it’s off to Sydney, Australia to make merry at ConnectingUp 2012 with our finest friends from down under.

Aspiration eAdvocacy and Social Media Mentoring Program

Since 2005, Aspiration has been developing a program focused on building capacity for “eAdvocacy” and social media in grassroots nonprofit organizations. eAdvocacy, short for “electronic advocacy”, is the utilization of internet tools and organizational processes for connecting with online audiences, developing relationships and mobilizing for action both online and offline. The main targets of Aspiration’s capacity-building efforts are social justice organizations serving socially, economically and politically marginalized communities.


E-Newsletters for Nonprofits

Event Date(s): 
May 24, 2012

This live, collaborative and hands-on training will provide nonprofits a better understanding of how to start an email newsletter or incorporate best practices into a current email newsletter.

The hour long discussion will be lead by participants’ needs. Topics may include: setting up an email newsletter service for a nonprofit, email newsletter best practices, creating an email message calendar, and tracking email analytics.

Registration is limited, so please register early. See you there!


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