May 17, 2007

Practical Nonprofit Operations Tips

I really like reading the Chronicle of Philanthropy's Give and Take blog a daily roundup of blogs about the nonprofit world, however I've noticed the folks who write Give and Take tend to write about general sector wide issues or topics that are hot at the moment. That's ok, and many of the posts are very interesting, however I also like reading blogs that provide practical tips and advice for running my nonprofit.

So, I decided to do my own mini blog round up and share practical nonprofit operations tips provided by fellow bloggers. These items may not be "hot" to a lot of folks, but these tips are very practical and useful to me as well as the nonprofits I provide consulting to!

1. Alan Strand and Gene Takagi both blog about how in 2008 small nonprofits who make under $25k will now be required to file form 990-N.

2. Gene Takagi also has another helpful post about new 990 instructions for FY2006. You might also want to check out his good governance post too.

3. Ken Goldstein writes about three ways to allocate overhead costs.

4. A general HR Blog provides helpful information about the organizational cost of sick time and personal days and how pain affects productivity.

While I'm on this subject, I recently signed up to receive the Nonprofit Risk Management Center's eNews. So, far the two issues I received have been very practical for my nonprofit, for example the most recent eNews title was, "Legal Advice, When and Why you need it." The eNews went on to explain how to hire a lawyer. Also, the previous newsletter was, "Employee or Independent Contractor, What's the difference and why does it matter." I'd be happy to forward these eNews articles to anyone who asks via e-mail heathersblog@aspirationtech.org .

If you are interested in more practical blog roundups like these check out the weekly Blog Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants and also the Nonprofit Blog Exchange.

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