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Keeping the Momentum Going

After the wind down of the conference, and sleeping off my red-eye flight back to Maine, now I’m a little nostalgic. Ah, the people, the knowledge, the horrible geek trivia…

But to keep the momentum going, I thought I’d document the commitments I’ve made to move things forward – so at a minimum I’ll feel really guilty if I don’t follow through.

We crystallized a number of initiatives that I’m excited about:

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Gaps in Nonprofit Software

I'm here at the Nonprofit Software Development Summit and have been doing mostly logistics, however today I was able to attend a session facilitated by Laura Quinn of Idealware called "Gaps in Nonprofit Software" the notes from the session can be found here.

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Opening Session Audio now available

You can find it on in MP4 format.

Video excerpts are on the way, but take more time to compress and/or select and upload.

Today's haul: More than 30 gigs of DV format!


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