Why I am changing my Insurance Carrier

I have made a decision to change my insurance carrier to the Nonprofit Insurance Alliance of California (NIAC).  NIAC is also known as the Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance (ANI) in many other states. For the same price of my General Liability and D & O premium with my current insurance carrier I can receive insurance from NIAC/ANI plus receive many amazing free benefits which will save my organization a lot of money!  NIAC/ANI benefits are:

  • Free Risk Management Information/Webinars/Booklets/Templates about:
    • Facilities Safety
    • Labor and Employment Issues
    • Legal Issues
    • Volunteer Management
    • Serving Vulnerable Populations
    • Protecting Financial Assets
    • Special Events
    • And, more
  • Free Pre-Termination Consultation
  • Free Personnel Handbook Review
  • Free Fleet Management Services
  • Free Sexual Harassment Prevention Workshop (just in CA)
  • And, much more like--significant discounts on background checks.

I cannot express how excited I am to utilize these benefits and save my organization money. For example, I spent almost $2k working with an excellent personnel attorney to review our personnel manual. To think if I had NIAC/AMI at the time, it would have cost me $0 to revise my personnel manual. $2k may not seem like very much money to some nonprofits, however to new organizations that have to pay for insurance and then justify an additional $2k to pay for a personnel manual--this free benefit is a huge savings! Here's my post about insurance for nonprofits.

I am also looking forward to learning about risk management for special events, and facilities safety information through NIAC/AMI.