Information Technology for Development -- Open Source Issue

The October issue of I4D Online features an extensive set of articles on free and open source software in the context of development and civil society organizations in developing countries. Articles include an overview of free and open source software (foss) and why it is relevant for civil society organizations, as well as reports from Souteast Asia, Africa, and South America.

The series provides an excellent overview of issues and trends in free and open source software in the context of international development by some o

Choosing a Content Management System: on

TechSoup has a new, excellent article out on choosing a content management system. This is article is the third of a very thorough overview of content management systems for nonprofits.

"Choosing a CMS" goes briefly over the requirement gathering process, outlines a series of otions for organizations ranging from enterprise solutions to those for small organizations; and gives an example of a decision matrix on how to choose the right system. It is a very nice overview that can get you started.

Free and Open Source Licensing Primer

This from Sunil Abraham, our colleague in India, who is working on and UNDP/IOSN guide to free and open source licencing:

The IOSN/APDIP/UNDP FOSS Licensing Primer is a brief introduction to different FOSS licenses, primarily the GNU GPL license. It presents a summary of issues involved with using the different FOSS licenses. It offers several scenarios, and proposes a framework for licensing of government sponsored software. The primer also addresses common questions and misconceptions regarding copyright and licensing issues.

Please download from here:

Open Source Social Software: Barnraiser and AroundMe

Barnraiser, a Swedish company, has developed an open source social software/project management tool called AroundMe. It looks great. Features include individual blogs, wiki, social groups, group discussions, polls, event and task tracking. The tool is multilingual and has a very impressive product road map sketched out.

Very slick.

Goin' Dynamic

Today Courtney rocked our world by helping us set up a dynamic web site with infinitely many features and all the technology needed to feed the entire planet. We are grateful.


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