Aspiration's Allies and Inspirations

Aspiration is proud and delighted to work with an amazing, inspiring range of collaborators, partners and allies. We recommend you explore and learn about each of the organizations listed below, displayed in random order for your browsing enjoyment.


Floatleft is an organization offering high quality, affordable design and web development solutions for nonprofits. We're a socially conscious group of independent professionals providing a hands-on approach to supporting organizations in effecting social change.

Radical Designs

Radical Designs is a full service web development group focused on the needs of non-profit and grass roots social change organizations. We provide strategic on-line campaign consulting, web design and web application development. Our premier product is the Activist Mobilization Platform (AMP).


PicNet's diverse team of professionals are dedicated to providing leading-edge, affordable technologies to organizations that serve the public around the world. They provide custom technology solutions that help each organization harness the power of the Internet and other technologies to benefit their constituents.