About Aspiration

Aspiration's mission is to connect nonprofit organizations, free and open source projects, philanthropic funders and activists with strategic frameworks, technology solutions, digital practices and data skills that help them more fully realize their missions.

We want those working for social, racial and climate justice to be able to find and use the best digital tools, resources and practices available, so that they maximize their effectiveness and impact and, in turn, change the world.

In order to achieve our vision, we pursue the following activities:

We are unique in that we work to "facilitate the supply chain" of nonprofit technology, striving to achieve shared language and shared understanding around technology and related dynamics across the full range of stakeholders:

  • We help Nonprofit Staff to make effective, sustainable and intentional use of technology, with a particular passion for empowering grassroots and other resource-constrained organizations;
  • We support Nonprofit Technology Decision Makers in the business processes of nonprofit technology, including technology planning, requests for proposals, proposal review, vendor selection, contracting and technology project management;
  • We collaborate with Nonprofit Technology Intermediaries (trainers, consultants, advisors supporting nonprofit tech, and fiscal sponsors) on capacity building efforts, business modeling, and resource development;
  • We advise Developers of free and open software tools and platforms on technology strategy, user engagement and product development, and community strategy, engagement and governance;
  • We advise foundations and other nonprofit technology funders on a range of technology-related matters including capacity building for grantees, review of proposals and opportunities, and organizational and leadership development.

We are committed to centering principles of social justice and racial and gender equity analysis into all the work we do. We strive to consider the class, power and privilege dynamics associated with technology in service of social change, and seek to hold those privileged by their technology skills and access to technology resources accountable to and co-equal with the full range of stakeholders working for positive social change.

We remain humble to the people and the communities that technology leaves out, those both most impacted and marginalized but also offline and not able to be part of the sprawling virtual dialogs that are shaping our present and our futures.

We always welcome new friends, allies, and collaborators, and encourage you to get in touch and see how we might work together.

"Energetic and useful. A revolution with knowledge."

Participant, Dev Summit
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