• Raising money doesn’t have to feel intimidating; it can be learned. When done properly, it can be a source of meaning, growth, and subversive joy for your donors, your team, and you. How to Raise Money (HtRM) is a series of strategic workshops, tools, and templates purpose-built to help emerging nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs bring partners, expertise, and resources to their missions.

  • Do you self-identify as a Capacity Builder? Are you interested in connecting at a peer level with others who do related work? Capacity Builders Convergences are envisioned as a collaborative and supportive environment to connect the broad range of practitioners who enable other organizations to strengthen strategies, principles, practices and sustainability. We aim to explore and promote open principles and collaborative approaches around methodologies and practices that can be applied to our work.

Aspiration's Learning & Training Resources

These trainings help organizations to get the most out of their online channels, by building a community and moving people to action.

"Thank you for bringing together these incredible people, modelling a welcoming stance, and empowering us to develop real relationships!"

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