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Aspiration is a global leader in the design and delivery of innovative gatherings for nonprofit and non-governmental audiences.

Our event philosophy and facilitation focus on maximizing collaboration and peer sharing, while making sparing use of one-to-many and several-to-many session formats such as presentations and panels. We believe the ultimate potential and power of any convening lie in the collective untapped knowledge and experience of the participants, and we strive to tap that vast store by maximizing dialog, creativity and idea exchange.

We build agendas around participant-driven dialog and collaboration that connect all the stakeholders in strategy, design and development processes, and model our events to reflect the diverse and network-oriented nature of the communities we convene.  Our approach prioritizes concrete and tangible outcomes that engender rich post-event collaboration and meaningful impact.

Please see our white paper on our event philosophy and methodology. We maintain a wiki documenting our facilitation model and welcome questions, contributions and other feedback.

Upcoming & Recent Events

We are grateful that our calendar stays fairly full. Bookmark this page, where you can find out what's on the horizon, and be sure to signup for our emails to stay up to date!

Recent Event
November 16-18, 2022 // Preservation Park, Oakland California USA
Recent Event
Apr 5, 2022 // Virtual
Past Event
November 17-19, 2021 // Location: online
Our Sharing Model

Aspiration is an open knowledge organization and all our event methodologies and resources are published under open licenses.  We encourage re-use, invite contributions, and are always happy to discuss general practices and specific questions.

Read our paper on Creating Participatory Events >

"Thank you for bringing together these incredible people, modelling a welcoming stance, and empowering us to develop real relationships!"

Participant, Dev Summit
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