Nonprofit Software Development Summit

The Nonprofit Software Development Summit is our annual gathering of Aspiration's community, bringing together people from all over the world who are passionate about using and developing technology in support of social change.

NpDev agenda and session creation

The event is designed for everyone from grassroots activists to software developers to share knowledge, discover new allies, and collectively envision the future of free and open technology to support positive social change. Approaching its 12th year, we are humbled by the many circles of passionate techies and grassroots communities that have convened for the Dev Summit.

Every year, the Dev Summit gathers a different group of people facing unique challenges in their communities of practice. The agenda is created before and during the event with input from participants, so that the topics, challenges, and passions of people in the room are reflected in the proceedings. Panels and slideware are in short supply as with any Aspiration event, supplanted by participant-driven collaborations and small-group formats.

The Dev Summit's primary goals are to grow connections and capacity between people in the nonprofit technology ecosystem, and put end-users into dialogues with developers so that technology is made in-service to frontline communities.

Then and now...

Gunner and the Aspiration team have been an incredible inspiration and resource for us at OpenNews. Their guidance and feedback have shaped everything from how support relationship building amongst cohorts to planning goal-oriented meetings where participants leave with a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of purpose.

Erika Owens, OpenNews
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