Aspiration Services for Free and Open Projects

Aspiration believes that Free, Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) and open knowledge resources are essential and foundational in sustainably supporting nonprofit and activists technology needs.

Over the past 17 years, we have collaborated with hundreds of free and open projects, in focused engagements and at interactive community events.

Recent and ongoing collaborations include Tails Project, Gathering on Open Science Hardware, SustainOSS, OpenStreetMap Foundation, Collaborative Knowledge Foundation, OpenStreetMap US, OpenReferral, Tahoe-LAFS, Reproducible Builds, Tor Project, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, Mozilla, Shuttleworth Foundation, Open Architecture Collaborative, SAFETAG, and Open Collective.

Our support and service offerings for free and open projects span a range of observed needs:

  • Strategic Advising, including product and platform strategies, partnering strategy and negotiations, support referrals, and managing corporate relationships.
  • Financial sustainability, including business modeling, revenue diversification, budget development and cash flow management, fundraising and grant writing.
  • Fiscal sponsorship, including project incubation, full back-office support (accounting, contracts management, accounts payable and receivable, credit cards, human resources, employee benefits including health insurance and 401(k)), strategic advising, revenue modelling and fundraising support, long-term organizational development and advising on 501(c)3 incorporation.
    See Aspiration's current list of fiscally sponsored projects.
  • Community Growth and Vitality, including interactive convenings, open leadership development, communications and project narrative, community health, mediation and conflict resolution.
  • Project Governance, including decision making, transparency and accountability, incorporation, board development and policies.

The majority of our services are provided on a pro bono or volunteer basis. We welcome inquiries and are always happy to schedule a call to learn more about free and open projects we have not yet met.

"I have my mind blown by all the extremely passionate, smart, and generous people I met!"

Participant, Aspiration event
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