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Strategic Technology Events and Community Strategy

Aspiration is a global leader in the design and delivery of innovative gatherings for nonprofit and nongovernmental audiences. Our event philosophy and facilitation focus on maximizing collaboration and peer sharing, while making sparing use of one-to-many and several-to-many session formats such as presentations and panels. We believe the ultimate potential and power of any convening lie in the collective untapped knowledge and experience of the participants, and we strive to tap that vast store by maximizing dialog, creativity and idea exchange.

Over the past twelve years, we have convened and co-organized almost 800 highly interactive events in over 50 countries across the globe. We focus agendas around participant-oriented dialog that connects all the stakeholders in communities of practice, and model our events to reflect the diverse and network-oriented nature of the communities we convene.

Our services offerings in this realm include:

  • Collaborative interactive learning events, applying Aspiration's facilitation processes and approach to help teams and communities achieve strategic outcomes.
  • Pro bono advising on event design and mentoring on facilitation, working through specific event and facilitation needs to design collaborative approaches to convenings.
  • User engagement and discovery processes, supporting those tasked with technology deliverables as they engage target users and design appropriate, user-driven solutions.
  • Organizational offsites and retreats, applying our same methodologies to staff and program development work for groups focused on technology-related social justice efforts.
  • Governance and community process advising, helping leaders to strike sustainable balances between order and autonomy in open projects and networks of practice.

Also see our white paper on our event philosophy and methodology. We maintain a wiki documenting our facilitation model and welcome questions, contributions and other feedback.

"It was my first Dev Summit, so I had no idea what to expect, but it was so worth it and I'm extremely happy I came."

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