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Technology Strategy and Decision Support

Aspiration helps organizations focus on strategy and process, sharing best practices and processes we have co-developed with hundreds of nonprofits over the past eight years to effectively guide and inform technology use.

We co-design appropriate processes in each support engagement we undertake, helping organizations to work towards outcomes with services that include:

  • Strategic capacity assessment and advising, mapping organizational strengths and needs, and surfacing appropriate solutions while honoring organizational culture and values.

  • Technology solution co-design and mentoring, helping organizations to specify desired software and web deliverables in language that is accessible to all stakeholders in the process.

  • RFP ("Request for Proposal") coaching, mentoring organizations and projects to draft essential project documents that codify technology deliverables and drive accountable business practices while building shared vocabulary.

  • Proposal reviews and price checks, helping organizations read the fine print, unpack the jargon, and get a fair deal.

  • Decision support checklists, making sure the important questions are asked before you sign a tech contract, adopt a tech solution, or pay a tech invoice.

  • Technology divorce and relationship counseling, advising and facilitating productive, respectful dialog and resolution between stakeholders when the human parts of tech get tough.

  • Tech brainstorming and referrals, always happily picking up the phone, listening actively and opining with benevolent bias on the full range of nonprofit technology issues, options, and actors. And when we don’t know enough to be useful, we can usually connect you with someone who does.

  • NPTech Career Advice, for folks interested in applying their technology skills to nonprofit causes, we are always glad to paint a realistic picture, offer suggestions on appropriate, well-defined ways to move nonprofit tech careers forward, and make introductions and connections where appropriate.

"I have my mind blown by all the extremely passionate, smart, and generous people I met!"

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