Aspiration Partnering with Mozilla on Global Drumbeat Event Initiative

Aspiration is proud to be partnering with Mozilla to drive the local event strategy for their Drumbeat project. Aspiration will help to prototype what Drumbeat Local events look like across the globe, and train local organizers in how to design and run their own Drumbeat events. The event format and philosophy will be based on Aspiration's own facilitation methodology.

What is Mozilla Drumbeat? With the aim of finding the next cool ideas that will make the web more open, Mozilla has created Drumbeat, with the goal of better connecting and growing the global community of people using web technology to understand, participate and take control of their online lives. Drumbeat provides a forum for people to share project ideas — and matches the most promising ideas with contributors, funds and guidance. For more information, visit the Drumbeat site.

Mozilla is also looking for local partners and leaders to help them engage the global community of people passionate about keeping the web vibrant and open. This is not just another shout-out for techies; they're looking to organize dozens of local community events that bring together artists, teachers, lawyers, filmmakers, hackers and anyone else who wants to make the web better, more open and fun. Drumbeat is for anyone who wants to lend their skills and creativity to the cause of creating a healthier internet. Anyone who uses -- and cares about -- the open internet. If you're interested in helping to organize an event to engage these types of people, check out the Event Organizer page.

Anyone with an idea for how to make the web more open can also propose their own Drumbeat project, or join in on projects that are already happening. Check out the latest project list and see how you can help!

Mozilla Drumbeat. Get involved. Help keep the web open for the next 50 years.