What you (actually) get out of CA Tech Fest

Looking for an event where you can connect with cool people and share your passions in social justice? I mean really connect—beyond the post-PowerPoint small talk and hasty business card transactions.

Check out our California Nonprofit Technology Festival in Richmond this month. It's a space where collaboration, tech skill-building, and critical dialogue is supported and encouraged, while passive participation (e.g. lecture) is checked at the door.

The point is to grow capacity with our own hands and voices. So, here are three things that we'll try to include in your figurative #CATechFest swag-bag:

    1. Critical connections for your work and well-being. Maybe a new best friend or ally to collaborate and celebrate with. With ample small-group discussions and workshops, there is time to seek out those serendipitous neighbors. Not to mention the caffeinated conversation and the post-event happy hour.

    2. A better understanding of what tools and resources are out there. At one point or another in nonprofit and social change work, you will encounter technology. Maybe you're just starting to dip your big toe in social media, or maybe you're already waist-deep in those incessant anti-virus software updates that are worse than the viruses themselves. The #CATechFest provides a quick and candid survey of what free and open technologies are out there that can help your work.

    3. Exploring your own talents and skills. I hope that the participatory learning format encourages you to, well... participate. Everyone has a story to tell, and I hope you'll consider your own experiences in social justice work and technology to be valuable and worth sharing in the discussions.