Driving Down the 99S California

Yesterday, we continued the Central Valley eAdvocacy program with an awesome road trip down the 99 South to Fresno in the Aspiration roadie van.

We had the opportunity to meet up with various organizations doing incredible work throughout the Valley including Fresno Barrios Unidos, the Center for Multicultural Cooperation and the Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program. It was exciting to meet people and learn more about how we can best serve the online needs of the Valley.

In one activity, Gunner had the groups use post-it notes to write down their hopes and dreams for their organization's basic to complex online goals. The process pulled out the thoughts that were not necessarily drawn out in conversation. While we were "listening" to the colorful post-it notes on the whiteboard, we noticed some trends.

Some of the common online communication questions were:

  • How do we use social media to best stay connected with our folks?

  • How can we increase visibility of what we do?

  • I wish we had an easier way to store data about our donors and members.

and some others...

  • Are email newsletters still effective?

  • How do I break into the blog world?

  • I'm not on twitter. Is that bad?

With all these great questions, we are going back to the drawing board to dive into ideas about what's next and what's sustainable. In particular, here is one post-it note question that that I invite you all to make suggestions:

    How do we make sure Central Valley organizations don't come to the trainings and get excited about new possibilities, but then do not have follow up due to lack of time, resources, or local expertise?