Integrating Social Media into Your Website

Aspiration was delighted to deliver another webinar in TechSoup's most excellent webinar series, entitled Integrating Social Media into Your Website.

The webinar was offered twice, on January 19th and February 4th.

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Webinar Overview

More and more organizations are benefiting from using social media tools like blogs, Facebook, and Twitter in their online communications. While the tools can be relatively straightforward to learn and adopt, many organizations struggle with how to effectively align messaging and communications across their online channels.

This webinar will focus on best practices for integrating social media into organizational websites, including basic nuts-and-bolts changes to web page templates and enhancements to contact, staff, and email sign-up pages. Effective and simple processes for coordinating various channels and maximizing traffic between them will be explained. In addition, a range of contrasts will be drawn describing the different natures and uses of the respective channels, and methods for measuring how different channels are driving traffic to one another will be presented.