Nonprofit Technology and California Love

We had a blast this week on a California road trip to work with community organizations and support their capacity in online communications and technology strategy.

Here are some of the awesome people we saw and the innovative ways they are using tech to support community change.

  • Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach Ana, Rene, and Jenny in Long Beach are using online surveys, email newsletters, and interesting social media communications to engage their residents and community members to participate in the collective Building Healthy Communities collaborative.
  • Building Healthy Communities: Boyle Heights Edith and Joel in Boyle Heights are ramping up their online presence through a consistent online newsletter with announcements and community updates!
  • Building Healthy Communities: Fresno We're heading to Fresno tomorrow to talk with Augie and Alicia in Fresno. They are doing amazing work with communications and technology innovations to get community involved in evaluation as well as tell their story about Fresno!
  • We are grateful for the kind hello's with the folks at the YMCA East LA Youth Institute.
  • Halfway through the road trip, we also had a chance to meet up with our technology capacity building co-organizing partners Mike Rubio and Amber at ZeroDivide.
  • In the online world this week, check out the stories of the Born Brave Summit with the Youth Organizing Hub in Richmond and the MLK day parade updates from BHC Fresno.

Many amazing people using technology and media to transform their communities! We look forward to continue supporting you all ;).