Free and Open Source Licensing Primer

This from Sunil Abraham, our colleague in India, who is working on and UNDP/IOSN guide to free and open source licencing:

The IOSN/APDIP/UNDP FOSS Licensing Primer is a brief introduction to different FOSS licenses, primarily the GNU GPL license. It presents a summary of issues involved with using the different FOSS licenses. It offers several scenarios, and proposes a framework for licensing of government sponsored software. The primer also addresses common questions and misconceptions regarding copyright and licensing issues.

Please download from here:

Open Source Social Software: Barnraiser and AroundMe

Barnraiser, a Swedish company, has developed an open source social software/project management tool called AroundMe. It looks great. Features include individual blogs, wiki, social groups, group discussions, polls, event and task tracking. The tool is multilingual and has a very impressive product road map sketched out.

Very slick.

Goin' Dynamic

Today Courtney rocked our world by helping us set up a dynamic web site with infinitely many features and all the technology needed to feed the entire planet. We are grateful.


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