Activists Think Mobile

News: Activists Think Mobile

Submitted by Mike Grenville on Fri, 24 Jun 2005 22:31,

Two technology NGOs are convening a strategy meeting of global activists and technology experts using mobile phones in political campaigns, human rights efforts and field organizing

The organisers of the "MobileActive" convergence, to be held in Toronto, Canada on September 22-24th, are Two US-based technology NGOs - Green Media Toolshed and Aspiration.

Katrin Verclas, Co-Director, Aspiration and one of the organisers of the event said that "There are unique characteristics of mobile phone communications. For campaign organizers, there are technical hurdles and questions about using the tool for one-to-many message delivery. For communicators, there are challenges to crafting messages that work in a sms, text message or voice appeals. In spite of these challenges, a growing body of evidence suggests that under some conditions, mobile phones are a powerful new tool in the hands of civil society organizations, organisers, and activists."

The organisers are especially looking for activists from Africa, South Korea, the Philippines, India, Eastern Europe, and the Americas to share practices and technologies. Some limited travel stipends are on offer for participants requiring assistance to get there.

The aim of the event is to develop new guides for campaign planners, communications staff and technology staff. Case studies from the field will be explored and recommendations will be developed for funders interested in supporting campaigns and issue organizing that use mobile phones as an engagement tool.

The event will look at the ways that mobile technology can be applied and also the challenges and opportunities from the technology itself.

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