Shoutout to CivicSpace

Nice, <a href:" short article on Newsforge about CivicSpace and the ecology of organizations and businesses evolving around CS.

CivicSpace developers will be at the AdvocacyDev II convergence> that Aspiration is hosting in Oakland In July 05.

Quote from NewsForge: "CivicSpace's philosophy might be summed up as "open source inside, open source outside," as Rosen and Hoppin say that one of their organization's core ideals is to "enable citizens to collaboratively conduct what are essentially open source marketing campaigns for causes they believe in." For CivicSpace's staff, the extension of this philosophy is "actively helping organizations that might be thought of as our competitors by a more traditional closed organization," and even being willing to "hop on the bandwagon and help" if another organization improves on what CivicSpace does."

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