Diverse Opinions of the NPDev Community

The community-building activities at the start of the Summit revealed a surprising diversity of opinions within the npdev community. What most surprised me is that there's mixed opinions about whether nonprofits are ideologically obligated to support open-source software. My own thought is that social entrepreneurship will take off in the tech sector, and there will be successful nonprofit businesses that promote and develop open-source software that is just as reliable and usable as any proprietary software: ethical dilemma solved.

I was also amazed by the ambivalence about where blogging was "overrated". The people in the "overrated" corner seemed very focus on whether the information delivered by blogs was immediately (and efficiently) useful for them. In the spirit of social justice and nonprofit ideals, I think it's important to support accessible channels for advocacy and freedom of speech. It seems like information filtering is more of a problem than blogging. JMHO.