Past Events

Facilitation for Networks Training Convergence

Event Date(s): 
June 1, 2005

At the invitation of IDRC and, Aspiration trained other facilitators in key elements of the event facilitation methodology that Aspiration has developed for nonprofit technology gatherings such as Developer Convergences, sprints, Source Camps, and Penguin Days. Particular emphasis was placed on exploring how the Aspiration approach can be used to build or strengthen collaborative networks, and to lay the foundation for concrete online and offline post-event collaboration, through the effective use of wikis and other online tools used to produce documentation in real time during face to face events. The workshops also provided a springboard for and IDRC planning processes and the development of a ‘facilitation for networks’ methodology which has since been used to organize other events.

Penguin Day New York

Event Date(s): 
May 7, 2005

PD in the Big Apple was big fun, with a diverse group of participants and facilitators. Co-organized by Aspiration in partnership with the LINC Project of the Welfare Law Center and United Way of New York City, the event included sessions on Introduction to Free and Open Source Software for Nonprofits, Local resources and who’s-who in the New York Free/Open Source community, e-Advocacy platforms and best practices, Selecting an operating system, and Free and Open Source migration strategies, and a spirited “Speed Geeking” extravaganza.

Penguin Day San Francisco Bay Area

Event Date(s): 
April 12, 2005

The first west coast Penguin Day, co-organized by Aspiration and CompuMentor, was held in Oakland and brought nonprofit staff, eRiders, and open source practitioners and developers together for fun, dialog and skill-sharing. A particular focus of this Penguin Day was the role free and open source software plays in hardware recycling, with sessions offered by FreeGeek, Technology Rescue, and Hawaii Open Source Education Foundation (HOSEF). Other sessions addressed CRM solutions for nonprofits, eAdvocacy tools, open content, and yet another round of madcap “Speed Geeking”

Penguin Day Chicago

Event Date(s): 
March 26, 2005

Following on the heels of the 2005 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC), Penguin Day Chicago was was co-organized by Aspiration with NPOTechs and Teaming for Technology Chicago. Sessions included Introduction to Free and Open Source Software for Nonprofits, Local resources and who’s-who in the Chicago Free/Open Source community, e-Advocacy platforms and best practices, Selecting an operating system, and Free and Open Source migration strategies, as well as the ever-popular “Speed Geeking”

Aspiration's Innovation Track at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC)

Event Date(s): 
March 23, 2005 to March 25, 2005

Aspiration is organizing a track of 14 sessions and clinics on technology innovation in the nonprofit sector at the NTEN National Technology Conference in Chicago.

The NTC is the largest nonprofit tech conference and aimed at IT staff in nonprofits and the people supporting nonprofits and their IT needs. The Aspiration Innovation Track at the NTC will focus on these themes:

  1. Project/Risk Management: How to you choose software? How do you manage IT projects in your organization? How do you decide whether to build/buy/or bend? How to you manage risk?
  2. Innovation Slams: Learn about tools while having some fun! Partake in Aspiration's famous SpeedGeeks and clinics;
  3. Free and Open Source Software--cheaper, better, faster software tools and development for nonprofits? Why is open source innovative? How do you leverage f/oss for nonprofit organizations?
  4. What’s next for nonprofit technology and software innovation? What's up and coming that NPO techies should be aware of? What do we need to realize the potential of IT for our organizations?

Sessions include: Blogs and RSS, Content Management with Open Source Software, and Successful Project Management of Web Development Projects, to name just a few.

Clinics and speed geeks feature security tools, blogging, taming your website with a CMS, and using Linux in your organization.

Please contact us at info at aspirationtech dot org if you are interested in participating in this track or like to see specific topics covered in the sessions.

We and the designated session designer welcome your input, ideas, and suggestions for this series!

FLOSS Usability Sprint I

Event Date(s): 
February 18, 2005 to February 20, 2005

The first-ever FLOSS Usability Sprint brought together programmers, usability experts, project managers, and users to discuss methodologies for improving the usability of Free/Libre Open Source Software (F/LOSS) and to apply those processes towards specific software projects. The goals of the sprint will focus on building community between these groups and focusing efforts on non-profit-focused F/LOSS projects. The event surveyed and designed methodologies for improving the usability of open source software and apply the learnings to real software projects.

Asia Source I

Event Date(s): 
January 28, 2005 to February 4, 2005

Asia Source I was convened by the Tactical Technology Collective in partnership with and Aspiration. Aspiration managed design of the agenda, and led facilitation of the event, which was aimed at building the technical skills of those working with NGOs in South and South East Asia. The event brought together nearly 100 NGOs and NGO technology support professionals working at the local level across the region, to act as a focal point in increasing the practical uptake of FOSS desktop and tools amongst the voluntary sector in South and South East Asia.

Aspiration facilitated first-ever Developer Roadshow in South Africa

Event Date(s): 
December 6, 2004

Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) offers a promising alternative for meeting the software needs of civil society across the African continent. But much work remains to be done in building understanding, capacity and community among developers interested in creating tools to support the sector.

The first FLOSS Developer Roadshow convened African software developers to meet one another, share skills and build knowledge, while designing and implementing appropriate tools for civil society. The event was aimed at meeting sustainable development needs while enhancing the pool of appropriate software skills in the regions. Participants left with with a better understanding of the potential and reality of FLOSS for civil society, new expertise and an enhanced network of contacts and potential collaborators.

Allen Gunn of Aspiration facilitated the event. The Developer Roadshow was hosted by our colleagues at CSIR and supported by a grant from the Open Society Institute.

The homepage and wiki for the Roadshow is at here; a news report is at Tectonic: Africa's Source for Open Source News.

Localization Developers Sprint

Event Date(s): 
November 20, 2004 to November 22, 2004

Aspiration and Tactical Technology Collective hosted a Localization Sprint in Warsaw, Poland from the 20th to the 22nd of November, 2004. The event brought together a diverse group of leaders and innovators in software and documentation localization to share experiences, compare projects and practices, and document the same. More information and the wiki are at the Localization Developers site.

ICT and Human Rights

Event Date(s): 
November 1, 2004

Aspiration supported and facilitated this colloquium on ( in in partnerships with Human Rights Education Associates and Benetech that brought human rights program and IT staff together for a three-day knowledge sharing and hands-on training event on using information technology in human rights work. Collective knowledge was documented at, and the material was being used to author a human rights technology strategy paper.


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