CampaignCon - Activism and Technology Skillshare

Event Date(s): 
October 24, 2016 to October 27, 2016

How can we push the boundaries of digital campaigning for social change? A diverse mix of campaigning orgs and activist groups are coming together October 24-27 near Barcelona, Spain for CampaignCon, a skillshare on next-generation campaigning. We'll grow networks and build capacity through peer learning, and develop strategies to mobilize people-powered movements.

Aspiration is co-organizing CampaignCon with Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace, Oxfam, ActionAid, Civicus, Purpose, Rhize, and Save the Children.

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Event Outcomes

Participants will share expertise and build network strength and capacity among global campaigns, regional and national NGOs. It's a space to compare and co-develop campaign strategies, skills, tools and tactics. Together, we will:

  • Strengthen our campaigning network
  • Develop leadership
  • Plan campaigns and provide feedback
  • Raise the bar so we win bigger

Who is CampaignCon for?

Participants will range across and/or work in many disciplines: digital, design, fundraising, communications, mobilisation, volunteer organising, data/info management, digital and operational security, and more. Participants will include:

  • Organisers, activists and leaders working at the intersection of advocacy, social change, public policy and campaigning.
  • Campaigners willing to contribute and share experiences as much as learn from others.
  • Anyone thinking about the potential of people + technology to scale social change.

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Photo by Francisco Osorio