Code For America 2011 Planning Sprint

Event Date(s): 
January 7, 2011

We got to stay in our own neck of the San Francisco woods to design and facilitate Code for America's first-ever all-hands planning and strategy meeting. The fact that we got to co-conspire with our fine friend and inspiration David Eaves and open democracy thinker Tim Oreilly made it all the more excellent.

The day brought together CfA Staff and Board with 24 incoming Fellows who will be working Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington, DC. Meeting together for the first time as a whole team, and this event focused on planning and strategizing for 2011 by collaboratively sharing knowledge and mapping knowns, unknowns and project priorities.

We're excited to see where the Code for America project leads, and we wish them the very best as they set out to change the way municipal governments do both technology and democracy.