FabRiders Data Strategies for Activist Campaigns

Past Event
Nov 21, 2014
San Francisco, California USA

Is your social justice campaign ‘data-ready’? Almost everything connected to social justice is a data project in one form or another. This workshop facilitated by Dirk Slater of FabRiders offered practical knowledge about utilizing data in a variety of campaigning contexts. Participants gained a better understanding of how to get data, how to turn it into useful evidence, and how to make it accessible and interactive.

Where: 2973 16th Street @ San Francisco Nonprofit Technology Center

Activists and advocates working on social justice learned how to:

  • Build a data strategy using a framework to identify and analyze your tactics
  • Influence key stakeholders and motivate them using data
  • Increase impact through data packaging techniques, such as infographics

We covered:

  • How to identify appropriate data sources,
  • Responsible data collection, use and storage.

Gunner and the Aspiration team have been an incredible inspiration and resource for us at OpenNews. From facilitating at events like MozFest, we learned about inclusive, engaging, collaborative event design that has shaped our own event SRCCON and influenced the community we serve in journalism.

Erika Owens, OpenNews
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