FabRiders Data Strategies for Activist Campaigns

Past Event
Nov 21, 2014
San Francisco, California USA

Is your social justice campaign ‘data-ready’? Almost everything connected to social justice is a data project in one form or another. This workshop facilitated by Dirk Slater of FabRiders offered practical knowledge about utilizing data in a variety of campaigning contexts. Participants gained a better understanding of how to get data, how to turn it into useful evidence, and how to make it accessible and interactive.

Where: 2973 16th Street @ San Francisco Nonprofit Technology Center

Activists and advocates working on social justice learned how to:

  • Build a data strategy using a framework to identify and analyze your tactics
  • Influence key stakeholders and motivate them using data
  • Increase impact through data packaging techniques, such as infographics

We covered:

  • How to identify appropriate data sources,
  • Responsible data collection, use and storage.

"I have my mind blown by all the extremely passionate, smart, and generous people I met!"

Participant, Aspiration event
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