2015 Humanitarian Technology Festival

Event Date(s): 
May 9, 2015 to May 10, 2015

Our Humanitarian Technology Festival took place on May 9 and 10, 2015 at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA. This two-day gathering brought people together who are passionate about leveraging technology and media for humanitarian aid and disaster response.

The event was designed to support dialogue for field practitioners, media makers and storytellers, technology developers, information security practitioners, and everyone in between.

Thank you to all who participated.

Through collaborative workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions, we strived to build capacity for humanitarian aid and disaster response efforts. This was a sibling event to the MIT Humanitarian Technology Conference which took place later that week.

Contact us if you have any questions: humtechfestival@aspirationtech.org


MIT Media Lab
75 Amherst Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

What was on the agenda?

To foster a collaborative space that reflects the needs, passions, and talents of the people in the room, the agenda was co-created with participants through dialogues both before and during the event. Session topics ranged from existing humanitarian aid and disaster response tools, ethics of responsible data, social media strategy, database management, tool gaps and needs, storytelling methods, and even self-care for practitioners.

Aspiration co-organized this event with the Humanitarian Technology Conference, Humanitarian Toolbox, City Awake, and the MIT Media Lab.