Mozilla Drumbeat Festival - Freedom, Learning, and the Web

Event Date(s): 
November 3, 2010 to November 5, 2010

We were excited to continue our collaboration with Mozilla and the Drumbeat initiative at the first-ever Drumbeat Festival - Freedom, Learning and the Web in Barcelona.

Aspiration helped with interactive facilitation and agenda design in the tents and spaces that made up the event venue. We also bottom-lining social media efforts at the event, and worked to keep things as unpredictably collaborative as we could.

Among other things, we partnered with Peer 2 Peer University on the Badge Lab and co-conspired to create cool code with WebMadeMovies.

Other fun activities on the agenda included:

  • Learn how to organize a Peer 2 Peer University course
  • Help build a 'digital backpack' to track credentials for online learners
  • Convert a public square into a learning lab with the Hackbus
  • Trade ideas about teaching the open web
  • Share best practices for open web hackers
  • Integrate Wikipedia into your learning project

We got to see lots of Aspiration friends and allies there, and we look forward to working more with Mozilla in 2011!