Penguin Day DC 2011

Event Date(s): 
March 20, 2011

Learn about Free and Open Source for nonprofits!

Penguin Day returned to Washington DC right after the 2011 NTC. We got to collaborate with lots of friends, old and new alike at the Josephine Butler Parks Center.

Penguin Days are designed to let nonprofits and social justice activists learn about free and open source software that can support their work and potentially save them money, including tools for web publishing, fundraising, blogging, and campaigning.

Sessions included...

  • Introduction to Free and Open Source Software
  • Making sense of Free and Open Source Content Management Systems
  • Participating in Free and Open Source Communities
  • Introduction to Blogging with Wordpress
  • Introduction to Free and Open Source Desktop Applications
  • Free Culture, Creative Commons And Open Content
  • Managing Constituents with CiviCRM
  • Mozilla Drumbeat and the Open Web

Penguin Day DC 2011 was organized by Aspiration and PICnet.

It was a great day and we hope to see lots of you at the next one!